lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011


     It was a cold evening; I wished to be too far away, to be lost in my insight and just wait for the infinite power of sounds to penetrate my ears, burst into every single vein in my body, and shatter in my chest.
     It was a season of chillness and tranquility that was leading my movie, but it wasn’t enough for me, I was waiting for a hard, fast and strong ambience for it to be perfect.
     Night creates the illusion of something new, it is the incubator for random possibilities; Night creates the clever interrogative that bothers me every second, but at the same time blitheness me to feel that you are going somewhere, but being unaware of anything that might happen later.
     As always there is this moment where the season should change and I want to run away from night, I have had enough.
     All at once I feel a very special and sweet wind that flirts with the cool but intense orange color that melts with white and serves as my roof for today in this sandy evening.
     It is so particular; my skin is covered by the inevitable heat that causes the water that fall lost in the horizon, be ready to receive my visit.
     For some minutes I was blinded by the warm sound of water, and I was able to listen a short and petty conversation very far from this place; I was lost in sounds. I would love to be blind for some more than minutes, but now I continue my walk because my roof is sparkling.
     However ill stay here some more time, maybe for ever, but I hope that sounds go with me every where I go; I need sound to be my companion, my best friend. But sadly this will only last until I could differ if I am dead or I am alive.

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